Melting of the Heads

  • Cannabis MarketSpace
  • January 17, 2023 12:05 pm
  • New York, United States of America
Melting of the Heads

Melting of the Heads- Full 3-day event, including a special welcome swag bag, entrance to hash comp, meals, networking seshes, and more!

Where hash makers, solventless enthusiasts & industry professionals come together to share knowledge & experience.

For Makers, By Makers. Meltings of the Heads is an international cannabis conference coming to Queens, New York on January 20th-22nd, 2023.

This epic 3 day solventless summit will bring together some of the industry’s best hashmakers, growers, artists and connoisseurs to network, share knowledge, and engage in friendly competition against each other.

Why attend?

A meeting place for the heads

Melting of the Heads is your opportunity to connect with hashmakers, growers, breeders, artists and connoisseurs alike.

We aim to bring together a wide range of industry experts for our panel discussions in order to generate thought provoking and value added content for our attendees. Through collaboration, knowledge, and experience, we will be able to push the industry forward.

Melting of the Heads strives to further strengthen our community of unique individuals who share a common goal of pushing our industry forward.

A framework for change

Melting of the Heads is a melting pot of good people, the headiest stashes, and the newest solventless extraction technology. We are a community of makers, growers, breeders, enthusiasts, artists, and vendors who share a common goal of pushing our industry forward.

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