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The easiest way to create your listing on is by clicking on the yellow button in our header titled New Listing.

You don’t even need to have an account to get started. Just click the button, fill out the fields and you can register after you’re done creating your first listing with us. Registration is free, same with creating your basic listing. Once registered, a ‘verification’ email will be sent to you. Be sure to verify your account to have full access. Didn’t get an email? Check your junk or spam.

If you’re a store with products ready to sell, you can create a store listing on our website for free as well. Read how to do that in the steps below.

Existing members can use the login form to sign into the website, Login Now.

Once the page opens after clicking the New Listing button, a form will be loaded. You will then be prompted to select your ad type. In the drop-down menu that appears, you will be given the following 5 choices:

  • Sell: Choose sell anytime you’re looking to list an item for sale in our marketplace. You will then have an option to select a sub-category.
  • Wanted: Choose the wanted option anytime you’re looking to buy a specific item or product of your choice. The sub-categories for the wanted ads, belong to the selling ad type.
  • Service Provider: Choose this option if you are a company promoting your professional services. You will then have an option to select a sub-category.
  • Professional: Choose this option if you are a professional promoting your expertise and skills. You will then have an option to select a sub-category.
  • Event: Choose this option if you are a person or an organizer promoting your upcoming events. You will then have an option to select the type of event.

Based on the ad type you chose in Step 2, another drop-down menu will appear. You have to select one of the pre-defined sections available in the drop-down menu. This ultimately decides which section of the website your listing will land in.

Ad Types
Sell/Wanted = Marketplace Directory
Event = Event Listings
Service Provider/Professionals = The Experts

Each option mentioned above will have their own respective “sub-categories”. These sub-categories will help users find your product, through our directories and widgets on our website. You can only select 1 category per listing, however your account is setup for unlimited ads. Feel free to create as many ads as you would like, in any of our pre-defined categories.

Don’t see a category that fits the product, item, service or event you’re listing? We have you covered, just select “Other” to create your listing immediately. Then one of our dedicated staff members will review your listing and add the necessary category if needed.

Select any of the sub-categories

After you’ve selected your ad type, category and sub-category, it is time to begin adding the information and details for your listing. The form will automatically load after you click on the sub-category. At this time, if you feel you’ve made a mistake with the category or ad type, you can change it.

At the very top you will see a plain text link “Change Category”, if you click on that you can choose your category again.

Product Information

  • Title = This the title of your listing, product, event or service that will be shown publicly on our website and its pages.
  • Pricing = Enter the pricing details about your listing. If no price is available or you’d rather have people contact you for pricing, then select “disable pricing”. If disable pricing is NOT selected, then the price field becomes a mandatory field that has to be entered before the form can be submitted.

    Staff Tip: For events, or products that have variants for pricing options. You can select the “Price Range” option and this will allow you to add a minimum and maximum price for your listings.

  • Description = Enter all your information pertaining to the product, event, service or listing you’re creating. You can use the editor to create headings, add color to text, links and more. Be very descriptive when creating your listings. The more information that an end user receives, increases your chances that they will click on the buy button.
  • Images = Use our image upload tool to add 5 images to your listing. Here’s more information regarding the image size and file types that are allowed to be used.

Recommended image size to (870×500)px

Image maximum size 3 MB.

Allowed image type (png, jpg, jpeg).

You can upload up to 5 images.

  • YouTube or Vimeo Videos = You can add either a YouTube or Vimeo video to your listing. It’s very easy, and the field on the form has a help tip to assist you with placing the link to your video.

    YouTube: Just simply copy and paste the URL to the YouTube video. 

    Vimeo: Just simply copy and paste the URL to the Vimeo video.


In this section of the form, you will add your contact details and the information that will be displayed publicly on the website, and in your listings for visitors to contact you.  The only mandatory field that needs to be entered in this section is your email. The email is needed as it’s the primary method of contact for all the listings on our website.

  • Location = Not Required and is optional. If you choose to use this field for your location, the address can be added in the same format as you would see on Google Maps.

    ex. 123 The Street, The City, Province or State, Country, Postal or Zip code.

  • Phone = Enter the phone number that is to be used for visitors to contact you.
  • Email = This is a mandatory field and an email address must be provided. The email address will be publicly shown in the listing and visitors can send direct emails to this address.
  • Website = Here you can enter the URL to your website, or the direct link to a product page on your website. A user can click this link to get redirected to your website. In order for the link to properly work, http(s):// must be included.


  • Social Media Links = There are several social media fields that you can fill out. In order to properly link your social media profiles from the listing page, place the full URL to your account (including http[s]://

That’s it, no more steps, just click submit. You’re all done, congratulations on making your first listing on Cannabis MarketSpace!

To view the listings that you have created on our website, you can go to My AccountThen click on “My Listings”.

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