Aggressive Organics – Cannabis Infused Catering

  • thomas
  • January 19, 2023 12:58 pm
  • Ontario, Canada

Cannabis Infused Dining Experiences

Our executive chef will curate a dining experience to please and delight you and your guests. With a selection of menus, we are able to facilitate any dietary restrictions, theme or specific interests. The host must supply their own legally obtained cannabis, while guests who choose to consume must fill out a waiver. With that our chef can curate an elegant, controlled and informative culinary experience infused with a responsible and calm induction of cannabanoids. 

Infused Cocktails

We are able to create an infused beverages, and beverage services, that can replace standard alcohol service. Our professional mixologist will prepare terpene rich mocktails, then precisely infuse them with  medicated (CBD), or even intoxicating (THC), cannabis ingredients.

Carefully Curated Experience

Our chef, mixologist and event organizers make a point of engaging with your guests ensuring that those consuming cannabis are educated, aware and enjoying themselves. The experience of consuming cannabis in this way provides for dignified consumption in a safe and respectful environment.

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