Brand New..Extra stock from a recent build. Need to move, 40% off the retail price. Max Watts 700.Can be easily installed into original HID fixtures. You can turn down low and put right above canopy or use as supplemental lighting for greenhouse grows. Perfect for Vegging or Flowering. Very powerful lights with excellent yields. Distance from the plants (rec.): 0,5 – 4,0 m / 20″ – 13.1′ Comparable to the Gavita CT 1930e. Up to 1800 (µmol/s) SolRay 385 Spectrum designed for cannabis. Designed as a replacement for HID lighting, the RX-series is a high power, dimmable LED luminaire with a high IP rating (IP65 – wet location). The robust all aluminium build, passive cooling and tempered glass cover ensure a long lifetime in the most demanding of environmentsPower factor: > 0.95 Frequency: 50/ 60 Hz Distance from the plants (rec.): 0,5 – 4,0 m / 20″ – 13.1′ Distance from flamable surface: 0,3 m / 11.8″ Cooling: Passive AC mains plug fitted: No (Field installable connector) Ambient operating temperature (°C/°F): -10…+40 / +14…+104 Storage temperature (°C/°F): -20…+40 / -4…+104 Minimum cable bending radius: 5x cable diameter Maximum relative humidity: 90% (non-condensing) Photobiology safety classification: Risk Group 1 Warranty: Up to 5 years limited. Pieces per package: 1 piece Certification & approvals: CE, RoHS, UL/CSA standards, DLC, EMC, Low Voltage Directive, Eco-design (EuP) RX600 Solray385 Solray385 is a wide spectrum light encompassing wavelengths from UV-A to far red and appearing white to human eyes. It is a close match to natural outdoor light and is thus suitable for all plants and all growth stages. Spectrum Data UV B G R FR PAR CCT CRI B:G R:FR Product Dimension “9.6/ “4/ “7. m6 m 31/ 71 101 m743 Technical Specification* Spectrum Power input (incl. LED driver) Voltage input Light output (PF) Light efficacy (380 nm ~ 820 nm) Weight, luminaire and LED driver Dimensions, luminaire (L x W x H) Cables Dimming Distance from the plants (rec.) Light intensity decay Plug type Ambient operating temperature Cooling Water & impact protection Warranty *Typical values presented. Tolerances apply. Get in touch with Valoya Standard Mounting Options: 400 mm /15.7″ RX600 Solray385 655 W RX600HV 200 – 480 VAC RX600HH 220 – 480 VAC 1700 μmol/s 2.6 μmol/W 25.6 lb (11.6 kg) 347 x 400 x 176 mm (13.7″ x 15.7″ x 6.9″) 0.3 m (11.8”) mains to LED driver, 1.3 m (52”) luminaire to LED driver, 0.3 m (11.8”) dimming cable 0-10V, PWM, light output: off, 6-100% 0.5 – 4.0 m (20″ – 13.1′) Max 10% at 36 000 h. Typical usage 50 000 h. CE marked, RoHS compliance Tested and certified to UL & CSA standards Open end (pigtails) -10 °C – +35 °C (14 °F – 95 °F) Passive IP65: Dust-tight & protected against water jets Up to 5 years limited warranty.

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