We offer into three main products; ERP Compliance Platform, eCommerce, and the combined features in our freee mobile app CONNECT me2420! ERP Compliance: Elevate Your Cannabis Operations with ERP Our ERP solution stands as the pinnacle of cannabis record-keeping and sales systems, designed exclusively for cultivators and processors. Experience the power of advanced technology as you streamline your operations, ensuring compliance effortlessly. Take control of your cannabis business with ERP. eCommerce: Seamless Shopping Experience with Integrated eCommerce Unlock the future of cannabis retail with our integrated eCommerce portal, catering to medical, B2B, and recreational needs. Shop with ease, whether you're a consumer, producer, or retailer. It's your one-stop destination for quality cannabis products and services. CONNECT me2420: One App, Limitless Possibilities Introducing CONNECT me2420, the all-in-one mobile app that seamlessly connects producers, retailers, and consumers. This multi-functional tool redefines collaboration within the cannabis community: Consumers create personalized watch-lists, shared with both retailers and producers. Micros effortlessly manage B2B inventory lists for processors to bid on. Use our free mini seed-to-sale app to transform production data into captivating social media content. Producers can post job listings on the B2B channel, connect with micros seeking processors, and, if demand arises, unlock premium features for just $4.20/month. Retailers can access watch-lists, place bids, and manage deliveries, all with our user-friendly mini-POS system integrated with various payment gateways. Experience CONNECT me2420's diverse functionalities in a single download—bringing the entire cannabis community together like never before.

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