PL Light Systems NXT LP 347v

  • brandon
  • May 24, 2023 1:40 pm
  • Alberta, Canada
PL Light Systems NXT LP 347v
PL Light Systems NXT LP 347v
PL Light Systems NXT LP 347v
PL Light Systems NXT LP 347v

PL Light Systems NXT-LP 1000W Grow Light
The NXT-LP Grow Light offers an ultra low-profile design for grow spaces requiring close-to-ceiling mounting. This allows for more space between the fixture and the canopy of the crop in spaces where ceiling height is limited.

In partnership with Alpha Reflector, the NXT-LP grow light delivers a wide field of illumination for stunning uniformity that allows growers to achieve optimum light intensity across the surface of the crop, with fewer light fixtures.

Directing light deep into the canopy to reach lower leaves is usually a challenge for growers. The NXT-LP with Beta Reflector brings a more focused field of illumination – between 0 & 45 degrees in the lower hemisphere – producing uniformly deep light penetration into the canopy with a stunning efficiency rating of 93.5%.


144 X nxt LP 1000w lights
253 X Philips master green power 1000w double ended bulbs
320 X shades

  • Category : Lighting
  • Condition : Used

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