Higher Love: A CANna Ladies Galentines – February 10th

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  • January 23, 2024 9:51 am
  • Alberta, Canada
Higher Love: A CANna Ladies Galentines – February 10th
Higher Love: A CANna Ladies Galentines – February 10th
Higher Love: A CANna Ladies Galentines – February 10th
Higher Love: A CANna Ladies Galentines – February 10th

Are you ready to rediscover yourself this year? Let 2024 be the year you unleash your inner goddess and become reacquainted with your sexy self! Join us for Higher Love: A CANna Ladies Galentines; Saturday February 10th at 7:00 pm, and elevate the goddess within you!

We have planned an evening of self-love, self-care and female empowerment! Including an amazing lineup of speakers who are here to help us fall in love with ourselves again! Consider them your Hype Team for the evening! They will cover topics such as ‘Feeling Empowered and Confident’, Tantric Movement and of course strains to help elevate the mood ;). Along with that you’ll be able to enjoy networking, delicious munchies and drinks, individualized photos, some brow waxing 😉 plus so much more— all included with your ticket!! All this love will be taking place in the beautiful ShedPoint located at: 1212 34 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1V7

So lets meet Your Galentines Hype Team for the evening:

Alena, FivePoint Cannabis: Alena started her entrepreneurial career as a Boudoir photographer in 2009. While photography remained a career and a passion for many years, cannabis was always a driving force in her life. Alena was drawn to cannabis by its ability to heal, connect, relax, and act as an alternative to alcohol. ⁣Being a female entrepreneur at heart, and now with two cannabis stores, Alena’s work history and passion for making women feel sexy and empowered and cannabis helps her understand how they can work together.

Rosie, Rosie Lee Photography: Rosie is our British boundary pushing bombshell. Her authenticity is infectious and her mission in life is to inspire others to be exactly who they are. Fine art model turned boudoir photographer, Rosie has spent the last 14 years helping others find the confidence needed for self acceptance and body positivity. Whether she’s coaching your poses for the camera or coaching self defence, she always ensures her community feel fully supported to let go of their inhibitions and learn self value and discover new levels of confidence in themselves. ⁣

Amie Dawe, Golden Peach Waxbar: Amie Dawe is the dynamic founder and CEO of Golden Peach Wax Bar, Nuede, and Jungle Betty. A spirited entrepreneur and sports enthusiast, Amie embodies the spirit of hard work and creativity. Her ventures are more than businesses; they are platforms for empowerment and self-expression. Through her leadership, Amie inspires confidence and positivity, proving that with passion and perseverance, anything is achievable. She’s a true trailblazer, committed to empowering others to embrace their individuality and shine.

Susanna Sun, Womb Goddess: Susanna’s mission is to facilitate Women’s empowerment through authentic lifestyle design and Spiritual development. She works primarily through Shamanic and Psychic perspectives, incorporating these into the physical realm through Therapeutic Somatic practice. Connect to the fire of your Sensual Healing Body with our gentle dance and breathwork practice, activating the passion and inspiration stored in your Sacral Chakra! In this experience, expect to feel alive, connected, and rejuvenated while gathering simple and tangible practice to incorporate into your self-love routines.

Along with our amazing Hype Team we will also have a few other booths to continue the evening of empowerment and bring out your inner goddess. Check them out below:
Allison, Wondering Obsessions: Allison is an intuitive space holder. Whether through conversation, sound baths, card readings, meditation, or her jewelry creations she has a way of bringing a nurturing and grounding energy to every interaction. During the event Allison will be doing Goddess Card Readings, to help you find your inner goddess. 
Higher Aspirations-Budding Dreams to Harvesting Hope: A Commemorative Look at Canadian Cannabis.
We are absolutely elated to unveil a groundbreaking project that promises to resonate deeply within the Canadian Cannabis Space. Joined by our talented and passionate co-creators, Nicole Stevenson and Jenn Bocking, we proudly introduce *Higher Aspirations* to commemorate the monumental first five years of cannabis legalization in Canada.

Our collective vision with *Higher Aspirations* is to bridge various voices within the cannabis community. From the hands that cultivate to the minds that innovate; from pioneering growers and meticulous scientists to fearless entrepreneurs and staunch advocates—our book shines a spotlight on a plethora of experiences, learnings, and inspirations.

Don’t put yourself on the back burner this year, and let’s embrace that sexy goddess within!

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