Hemp/Cannabis Seed Seperation

  • yourseedsfaster
  • December 5, 2022 2:28 pm
  • Alberta, Canada

Our company will increase efficiency in the market with services that include:

  • separating cannabis seeds from flowers and leaves

  • providing seed-free biomass

  • providing seeds that are completely cleaned for oil extraction or replanting

The extracted products are ideal for the commercial hemp and cannabis sectors: all you need, is our team, in one easy step

Delicate cannabis/hemp flowers are handled with the utmost care during the entire process.. With our equipment, the thoroughly cleaned product is then ready for use in replanting and/or extraction.

When the deseeding process is complete, the cannabis/hemp seeds are conveniently stored and separated by size. The specially-calibrated mechanisms of our equipment ensures the cannabis/hemp seeds retain their qualities and physical characteristics.

Our team is capable of processing up to an impressive 25 kg/h of dry product.


We currently operate in BC, AB and Sask.

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