• TJAC
  • September 26, 2022 1:22 pm
  • Ontario, Canada

6 available overstock warehouse items that are in lightly used condition. Contact us with your best offer.

This round, overhead, and porous fabric HVAC duct system distributes a large volume of air into data center cold aisles with low 400-feet-per-minute velocities that don’t upset critical equipment intake and exhaust or room return air containment balances. It also offers the flexibility of directional spot-cooling capabilities with adjustable nozzles for high-wattage servers that allow for on-site testing and air balancing for optimum performance. Custom porosity fabric occupies the bottom third of the round duct to evenly disperse a large volume of air downward toward equipment rack facades without drafts. Originally designed to distribute air in commercial kitchens and laboratories with velocities that don’t disrupt fume hood exhaust, this material can be cleaned with minimal effort.

  • Category : Fans & Climate Control
  • Condition : Used

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