Cannabis and the Art of Healing

  • Natalia Norton
  • December 11, 2023 7:09 pm
  • Ontario, Canada
Cannabis and the Art of Healing

Are you looking for a new tool to help regulate emotions and mindset, balance anxiety and stress, more rest, and natural sleep?


Let me guide you thru breath and cannabis consumption in my new 6 week workshop at the beautiful 420 friendly event space at On the Ridge Cannabis Co. just opened at 6915 Lundys Lane Niagara Falls .


What to expect:


We will get together for a maximum time of 1.5 hr once per week for 6 weeks.

First class will be an intro to Breath and its different ways, how to incorporate cannabis and how this helps us regulate our bodies and minds and how cannabis will be incorporated

Each class after the initial class will begin with a check-in, a new look at 3 different cultivars for use with your practice. A new type of breath, followed by a short practice and also incorporating affirmations, visualizations, somatic movements, tapping, and sound healing thru voice.


What You will need :


-A Yoga Mat


-A small cushion


-A Blanket


-A sturdy chair (if sitting on the ground is an issue, we have chairs available)


No prior experience needed:


This introduction and incorporation is for anyone who wants to feel more balanced, find more rest and relaxation, add to their daily mental health routine, find more energy, and so much more!!

Incorporating a Self Healing practice seems to naturally change each being for the better and help many find a path that manifests more positivity and wants, balancing even in the most tough of emotions, and making strides regardless of what is present in daily life.



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