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  • March 6, 2023 9:50 am
  • Ontario, Canada

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The Advantages of Continuous Flow Microwave Heating
Compared to conventionally heated batch reactions, continuous flow microwave heating offers:
-Significantly reduced reaction times for some reactions, from hours to minutes, with corresponding reductions in energy use, and increases in throughput
-Significant increases in yields for some reactions, through reduced side reactions, with corresponding savings in downstream processing requirements
-Improved safety through reduced volumes of material held at temperature and pressure

The Technology
The C-Wave continuous flow microwave technology has the following features:
-Non-monomodal microwave heating section with quartz reaction tube
-Wetted parts suitable for all commonly used solvents and reagents
-Automatic control of microwave power to maintain temperature set-point
-Real-time measurement of output temperature
-Rated for 250°C and 30 bar as standard, meaning that reactions can be done under conditions not usually possible with batch reactors
-Optional holding section and heat recovery
-Full safety system including leak detection and temperature and pressure trigger levels 

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