Irrigation and Controls Specialist


White Ash Group has been engaged by a fully licensed Cannabis cultivation company to recruit their next Systems Controller and Irrigation Specialist.


The System Control and Irrigation Specialist is responsible for the use and maintenance of the grow and irrigation software control systems. Ensuring consistency and quality of the nutrition and environment provided to the crops throughout all stages of growth. This position will primarily be using the Hoogendoorn system and software to achieve the best possible control.

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  • Learn and master environmental and fertigation system (Hoogendoorn) to support healthy plant life. 
  • Responsible for daily assessments of crop saturation and health. Ensure strong crop growth by maintaining good root zone conditions (EC/pH) as well as proper irrigation frequencies. 
  • Optimize systems to improve yield, quality, and tighten the range of environmental controls in the production space. Including Climate, Light, Soil, and fertigation management. 
  • Responsible for the operation and maintenance of all irrigation equipment and controls, in addition to overseeing any repairs or upgrades.  
  • Coordinate and perform general preventative and corrective maintenance of the system and measuring equipment when required 
  • Handle, mix, and apply fertilizer /nutrient mixes as prescribed by the Master Grower to meet the needs of the crops, according to internal SOPs. 
  • Responsible for collecting and interpreting fertilizer and leachate analysis. 
  • Ensure safe handling, use, storage, and disposal of chemicals.  
  • Track and maintain inventory levels fertilizer and biological agents. Document nutrient usage and maintenance. 
  • Ensure signage as it relates to health and safety hazards are posted within the room and MSDS sheets are made readily available 
  • Perform regular verification and calibration of meters, sensor, and scales required for monitoring and measurement within Hoogendoorn environment. This includes   completion of associate documentation.  
  • Responsible for logging and recording all batch ingredients for compliance purposes. 
  • Participate in and coordinate irrigation room sanitation efforts (Cleaning pipes, buckets, filters etc.) as well as other chemical applications deemed necessary. 
  • Other duties as assigned by Master Grower or Cultivation Manager. 


  • High school diploma and College degree in Horticultural or other applicable education considered an asset. 
  • 2- 3years experience in irrigation, agricultural/greenhouse production, or a related field. 
  • Intimate knowledge of the cannabis plant and nutrient requirements.  
  • Proven ability to operate and maintain fertigation systems.  
  • Commercial irrigation experience or professional equivalency is an asset.  
  • Must be able to obtain a Responsible Person in Charge (RPIC)security clearance, if requested. 
  • AEC / DEP or Skilled Trade Certificate (Preferred).  
  • Proficient knowledge of the materials and equipment used in an automated irrigation system.  
  • Experience with computerize climate control systems (Hoogendoorn, Argus or Priva), documentation software, word, and excel. 
  • Knowledge and experience with low voltage electronics considered an asset. 
  • Industrial automation experience knowledge and/or computer controls are considered a strong asset. 
  • Experience using hand tools considered an asset. 
  • Ability to perform physical work such as standing and walking for extended periods of time, frequent bending, kneeling, and reaching. 
  • Ontario Pesticide Sprayer License, or ability to obtain one. 
  • Must be eligible to legally work in Canada.

Hours of Work:

  • 40 hours/week, some weekends (hours may change based on operational needs).
  • Shift hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 8am-4:30pm. 

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