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White Ash Group is looking for a Head of Security.

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Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee risk mitigation procedures are in place to detect and respond to scenarios that could compromise an employee’s security clearance or the organization’s security
  • Implement and/or maintain proper protocols for staff, guest, vendor, and contractor arrival and entry to the facility, including procedures for breaches
  • Oversee proper access control and intrusion detection protocols for staff, guest, vendor, and contractors to areas where cannabis is present including vault/storage areas and deliveries/pick-up
  • Maintain appropriate records of entry and exit to restricted and storage areas
  • Implement and/or maintain response procedures for any access control or intrusion detection breaches to areas where cannabis is present, including vault/storage areas
  • Oversee security measures to ensure the safekeeping of cannabis when being shipped, delivered and/or transported
  • Maintain physical security through the monitoring, storage and retrieval of video monitoring footage
  • Ensure the specification, type and number of video surveillance devices meet requirements under the Act
  • Implement and/or maintain procedures for the secure handling of cannabis waste and destruction process
  • Oversee internal security training and awareness requirements for management and employees
  • Implement and/or maintain procedures for reporting security concerns, incidents or breaches by employees
  • Implement and/or maintain contingency plans for record keeping system failures
  • Oversee theft and loss detection procedures and awareness training
  • Implement and/or maintain procedures for validating that cannabis entering the facility is from a legal source
  • Oversee procedures for the protection of client information
  • Implement and/or maintain response procedures should cannabis be found to enter or leave the facility in an unauthorized manner, ensuring a testing protocol for the response procedure


  • Proven experience in security leadership in a regulated environment
  • A diploma or degree in the related field
  • Bilingual – French & English
  • Accountable for results, strives to meet and exceed expectations- owns mistakes
  • Health and wellness oriented
  • Good humored and energetic
  • Ability to quickly adapt; maintain focus and a high degree of accuracy while working with complex data in an environment of ever-changing deadlines, priorities and requirements
  • Time management and follow-up skills; highly organized and detail oriented
  • Excellent communication skills (oral, written and presentation)
  • Excels under pressure

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