Director of Retail Operations


The company is a leading cannabis retail organization committed to providing exceptional service and quality products in Michigan. Their focus is on creating a supportive and compliant environment that reflects the dynamic nature of the cannabis industry.


As the Director of Retail Operations, you will play a pivotal role in the success of our dispensaries across Michigan. Your extensive experience in retail operations, deep understanding of Michigan cannabis laws, and proven leadership skills will drive operational excellence, ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize sales and profitability. This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of cannabis retail in a rapidly evolving market.

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Retail Operations and Compliance:

  • Oversee sales, inventory management, staff training, METRC compliance, and leadership development across all dispensary locations.
  • Develop and execute retail strategies tailored to the Michigan cannabis market, considering state laws, local regulations, and market trends.
  • Ensure all operations comply with Michigan cannabis laws and adjust strategies as regulations evolve.

Sales Optimization:

  • Implement sales strategies to meet revenue targets and maximize profitability.
  • Analyze sales data to identify growth opportunities and areas for improvement.
  • Provide staff with training to enhance sales performance and customer service.

Inventory Management:

  • Manage inventory processes to ensure compliance with state laws.
  • Work with suppliers to ensure product availability and optimal stock levels.
  • Implement best practices for inventory tracking and ensure strict adherence to METRC regulations

Team Development:

  • Develop comprehensive training programs focusing on product knowledge, customer service, and compliance.
  • Provide leadership and mentorship to build a knowledgeable and positive team culture.

Financial Management:

  • Develop and manage budgets for retail operations.
  • Analyze financial reports to identify areas for cost savings and revenue enhancement.

Technology Integration:

  • Identify and implement technology solutions for cannabis retail operations, including POS systems and compliance software.
  • Stay informed about industry-specific technologies and tools to enhance operational efficiency.


  • Experience: Minimum 5 years in retail operations, specifically with cannabis dispensaries.
  • Knowledge: Extensive understanding of Michigan cannabis laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Leadership: Proven ability to manage and develop teams.
  • Sales and Inventory Management: Strong grasp of sales strategies, inventory management practices, and METRC compliance.
  • Communication: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Adaptability: Capable of adjusting to changes in the regulatory environment.

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