Seeking $2-4 Million Equity Investment, Licensed Cannabis Farm in SW Ontario

Seeking $2-4 Million Equity Investment, Licensed Cannabis Farm in SW Ontario
Buy / Sell / Invest:
Seeking Investment
CRA Cannabis License, Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing
Sq. Footage:
522,720.0 ft²

12-acre licensed cannabis farm with high-yielding supply of multi-strain, high-quality, high-THC, low cost-to-produce outdoor flower.

  • Fully operational, multi-functional licenced cannabis site sitting on 60+ acres of high-quality farmland in SW Ontario.
  • 6 acres of outdoor cultivation with 3,000 kg production capacity (500 kg/acre) in full production for 2021 season. Expanding to 12 acres in 2022.
  • 5,000 ft.² purpose-designed indoor production facility, 2 x pristine 3,240 ft.² outdoor greenhouses and a newly-constructed 2,500 ft.² fresh frozen storage facility.
  • Multiple unique and desirable production strains are yielding high quality outdoor flower with most strains over 20% THC.
  • Achieving good B-2-B pricing (flower sales, fresh-frozen sales, pre-roll inputs) through existing supply contracts with excellent margins given the very low COGS.
  • Large library of genetics with a number of unique strains in the production pipeline.
  • Contract with industry-leading extraction partner for extraction and co-packing of vape cartridges and other oil-derived products for B-2-C brand launch November 2021.
  • Projecting $22 million gross revenue for 2022
  • Far lower capital investment requirements for expansion than indoor facilities
  • Site is suitable for additional building expansion to accommodate on-site extraction and a future farm gate store.
  • Received processing license (July 2021) and retail sales amendment application is in process
  • Seeking suitable partner to invest $2-4 million in the company.
  • A licence holder partner could have preferred access to a high-quality supply of multi-strain, high-THC, low cost-to-produce outdoor flower.
  • A private investor can acquire a meaningful stake in a differentiated outdoor cannabis farm that’s fully dialed-in (two full grow seasons completed) and operated by a multi-generational farming family with big plans and room to grow.

Seeking $2-4 million equity investment for a stake in the company and potential strategic partnership. Invest in outdoor cannabis farm with multi-strain, high-THC, low cost flower & new fresh frozen facility. Contact us for more information about this ad listing.

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