Standard Cultivation Facility with Licensed Outdoor Cultivation in Quebec

Standard Cultivation Facility with Licensed Outdoor Cultivation in Quebec
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Partial or Full Sale
CRA Cannabis License, Standard Cultivation

20,000+ sq. ft. standard cultivation facility with licensed outdoor cultivation offers unique opportunity to enter desirable legal cannabis market in Quebec.

  • 20,000+ ft.² purpose-designed, fully operational, licensed cultivation facility in Quebec.

  • The facility includes 2 flower rooms, 2 mother rooms, 3 clone rooms with individual humidity control, drying room, trimming room, packaging room, shipping and packing room.

  • Has 130 acres of outdoor cultivation with 4-acre pilot already under the belt.

  • Indoor propagation and cultivation in support of dried flower sales into SQDC through a provincial partner.

  • Take advantage of the desirable “Grown in Quebec” opportunity at SQDC.

  • Suitable for ramped up cultivation and future processing activities.

  • This site is perfect for an expandable entry point into the Quebec legal cannabis market

  • Projecting $2.5 million in annual sales for 2022.

  • Opportunity for expanding canopy size and processing activities within the building

  • Potential to extend the building to add additional capacity

  • Approx. $5 million spent building-out the facility

  • Open to equity partnership with non-Quebec licence holder or full sale opportunities

Seeking LP partner for partial ownership (with exclusive flower offtake) or outright sale of facility, licence and business for $5.5 million. Contact us for more information about this ad listing.

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